Aunty, my OrthoK will not get stuck like yours!


The recent case that published briefly about 27 contact lenses that stuck under the adult patient’s eyelid were discovered by surgeons. 67 yo patient was scheduled for routine cataract surgery before the large mass of disposable monthly contact lenses were found retained in her upper eyelid.

Is it common for contact lens to stuck in the eye? YES. Usually for soft contact lens, especially if the wearer accidentally has slept overnight with it. Do not panic, the soft contact lens will not get lost inside the eye.

Tips to learn to remove soft contact lens that stuck in the eye.


1. Do not panic.

2. DO NOT wash your eye with the stuck lens with WATER.

3. Wash your hands thoroughly with disinfectant hand wash or soap.

4. Rinse the eye that has the stuck lens with saline, multipurpose solution or contact lens eye lubricant.

5. Blink your eyes a few times.

6. Close you eyes.

7. Gently massage the upper eye lid that with stuck lens.

8. Once the contact lens has loosened, slowly move the lens and remove gently with your dry fingers.

9. Repeat steps 4-7 if contact lens still remains in the eye.

10. Contact your optometrist immediately if soft contact lens cannot be removed.

Soft contact lenses are generally comfortable the moment they are on the eyes. They are made of gel-like plastics, so can be torn easily. Appropriate cleaning regimen must be guided by optometrists, especially deposits are built up easily on soft contact lenses. Regular visits to the optometrists if your eyes are constantly dry as your current soft contact lenses might absorb all your tears away!

Children on myopia control are usually fitted with gas permeable lenses, the materials are made of firm plastics. Likelihood to stuck in the eye? No.

Author and photo source by SG optometrist, Chua Yee Leen.

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