Are Singaporean children obesity levels on the rise?

Have you wondered children who become obese will push up the rate of diabetes in Singapore? According to the news reported in 2016, 34 per cent of Singaporeans aged 24 to 35 would become diabetic when they reach aged 65. Read the news link.

Why do we need to watch out on children obesity levels? Does obesity cause diabetes? Obesity increases the chances of developing Type 2 diabetes. Almost 1 out of 3 adults are suffered with diabetes in our modern society. Children with obesity will have 4 times the risk of developing type 2 diabetes compared to children that are not overweight. Obese children are at a significant risk for adverse health issues like diabetic retinopathy in the later stage of their lives.

These are common disorders associated with diabetes due to obesity:


1. Higher risk of having high blood pressure.

2. High risk of getting cholesterol.

3. Impairing the glucose level.

4. Higher risk of getting heart disease. 

5. Higher risk of breathing during sleep that leads to sleep apnea.

6. Higher risk of having asthma.

7. Increase risk of gum disease that leads to dental problems.

8. Higher risk of getting fatty liver disease.

Obesity may affect the child psychologically as follows:


1. High risk of Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

2. Low self-esteem due to body image.

3. Poor quality of life.

4. Social isolation and discrimination.

How to prevent children to become obese? Things that parents should look into:


1. Constantly change of family eating habits and activities.

2. Parents become the role model of their children, eat healthy foods like leafy vegetables.

3. Go outdoors. Children should be encouraged to play outdoors for at least an hour most of the week. Conversely, children can control myopia by playing #outdoors.

4. Restrict children from watching tv and computer for at least two hours. Hence, reduce eye strains and #myopia progression too.

5. Encourage children to eat slowly and only eat when they are hungry.

6. Stock up fresh fruits and vegetables in the fridge. No soft drinks are allowed.

7. Children are taught to eat vegetables when they are young.

8. Serve fruits and vegetables daily, eg. 4-5 servings.

9. NO soft drinks. Children should be taught to drink only H2O!

Less Obesity. Less Myopia.

Author and photo source by #SG #optometrist, Chua Yee Leen.

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